Monday, May 13, 2013

A weekend of making for mothers and birthdays.

I had a really lovely weekend, did you? I celebrated my first mothers day as well as a birthday and of course, celebrated my mother and mother in law. My lovely weekend started on saturday afternoon, when Percy and I went to our local park with a friend and his dog, and relaxed in the warm sun. We then had Mezz's hubby's birthday in the evening. I wanted to make him a gift as he really appreciates handmade and I had a perfect idea. I wanted to make him a tshirt, and was so happy when it all worked and looked like something you would buy in a shop.

Made a name tag by typing on some vintage wallpaper
Mr Coleman, as Mezz calls him, loves opshopping and all things retro and I found these that I though he would love
He is also a very keen ice cream maker so got him this opshopped ice scream scoop!

For mothers day, I made my mum a wheat bag and wrote in a card saying I would hang up everything in her home that she wants hung up! Its a job she needed doing but couldn't find time to do. I gave her a picture of Percy to add to the collection!

Her new pictures in her room
Made her this for christmas and finally hung it up for her
Framed some special African art for her African Corner
She is a proud South African
Hung up a mirror in her entrance hall she has been dreaming of being up for a while!
We also enjoyed lunch out with the family which was delicious.
Is hung the right word? Or is it hanged? Or hunged? Anyway...
In the evening, it was time to visit my mother in law. She loves rainbows. I crochet a rainbow granny square and placed it in a embroidery hoop to hang in her Rainbow Room. Pete gave her some flowers he chose and we bought dinner. Funny story, I ordered Indian from a favourite place of ours, but ordered a 'Value Pack' instead of a 'Family Pack', and learnt the difference when I handed $70 over instead of the $35 I was expecting. Oh well, it was delicious!

As you can see, it was a creative, busy, family filled weekend and it was perfect. I hope you had a weekend that was enjoyable too, however you spent it!
Also, my GIVEAWAY is still open for people to enter, so do have a look and enter! It's to celebrate one year of my blog!
Hope your enjoying your week,
See you soon,


  1. Well done all round Taz - lovely and thoughtful gifts x

  2. Love the t-shirt ... very professional ... Bee xx

  3. Happy Birthday to you and a belated Mothers day wish also. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I love you work, your a very kind Daughter/daughter in law Cheers :)

  4. all very thoughtful gifts.Loved peeking into yourmom's collections from SA. I love the granny square onembroidery hook idea.You really did great!

  5. bazz wore his tshirt on Wednesday and it looked great! its a perfect fit taz, well done you! you are the most wonderful gift giver and maker...I get very excited at birthday and Christmas time xxx

  6. They are all such lovely and thoughtful gifts, I just love to receive and give handmade for that very reason....the tshirt turned out very professional!