Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Upcycling singlets into pretty dishcloths!

As you may know, Ive moved house. I find moving quite full on, but I do love that its a great opportunity to throw out lots of things. You can declutter and it somehow makes you feel mentally better too! In my 'to go' pile was a bag of singlets I do not wear anymore. I don't even know why I had so many in the first place! I decided during a opshop drop off run to keep them and turn them into dishcloths. We try to do our bit at home for the environment, our wallets and just getting as much life out of something before it truly is trash. So, I found some strips of fabric from my scraps bag, cut my singlets into rectangles and started making pretty dishcloths. I know I made more work for myself than I needed to, as I could have left them without a pretty edge, but I couldn't help but want to add some colour! I also learnt how to do zigzags (finally) on my sewing machine, so this made everything look alot neater too! Here they are, perhaps you could make some yourself!!
My favourite it wrong to have a favourite dishcloth!!!!???
Just a short post today, Im hoping to do some recipes soon. I've made Steak and Kidney Pie this week that id love to share. And I havent forgotten to share my new sewing space with you too, so stay tuned!
If you havent entered my giveaway yet, feel free to do so!
Ok, see you soon,


  1. The dish cloths turned out lovely.
    So bright and cheery.

  2. Oh cute! so happy and colourful! Love chucking stuff out - mentally refreshing x

  3. I love them! Might try and do some myself!

  4. very pretty! and wonderful! and marvellous!

  5. Thanks lovlies! Doing the dishes doesnt seem as horrible anymore!