Friday, May 17, 2013

My new space to sew, stare out the window and be creative!

I feel like I just wrote a post called my new sewing space, but ive moved now so have a new new sewing space. Once again, its not a huge room to myself, its a small corner near the back door and bathroom, and it suits me just fine! I feel more creative, being creative in a space that is a little quaint. Here are some photos of the space that inspires me. I have the prettiest view of the back garden which I often find I just stare and so my projects take twice as long to complete!

My precious
My 30c rubbish bin
I will confess, that although I have set this up, our bedroom is huge so I often use the floor in there to measure and cut, and I have a huge basket of yarn in the lounge to sit and crochet while telly watching, so every room is sort of my space to get creative. And with hubbys guitars in each room, this whole house is our place to be creative!
In other news, I recieved a large box in the mail yesterday, from the very lovely Kylie from LucyVioletVintage which I will show you soon, its quite amazing!
My Giveaway is still open for you to enter if you would like to. Its all going to be wrapped in some vintage fabric you would have seen from the above photos!
So many things on my mind to do and blog about, so I will see you all soon.
Thanks to everyone who leaves comments on my posts, I hope to catch up and reply back, but I may take a while!
Happy Saturday,


  1. What a lovely space! It's fantastic having a dedicated spot - does make the process alot simpler!

  2. Love your new space, so colourful with all those beautiful fabrics, the light and views from that window will make you feel so creative. Cheers Eve

  3. Such a beautiful space you have created.
    All those pretty florals and such a lovely view.

  4. What a lovely sewing space ... it seems lovely and light ... I hope you have many happy hours there creating ... Bee xx

  5. I have only just found your lovely blog and what fun I have had having a little wander. So lovely. Thank you

  6. When you have a wide and clear window like this, it wouldn't be impossible for you to think of a great idea. Most people start with that. They just look outside the window and let their imagination run. Then in a minute or two, they come up with something creative. Keep being inspired, Taz! :)