Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jam and Cream

Today, I looked into the future. Not really obviously, but I went somewhere that was completely me. I have a dream of owning an old caravan one day, slowly doing it up, using it as a craft and tea space. I love food, real food. Cake, scones, jam and cream. I love pots of tea and the tea cups to drink it out of. I love buttons and yarn, sewing patterns and old cook books. I love bunting and flowers, and I love people, friends. Today I experienced ALL OF THIS!! Today I went somewhere that one day, I dream I can have similar. I would love to cook all of my Narmies recipes, whilst, sewing another bunting to hang, and crocheting the last granny square for a blanket to keep people's legs warm. I can see my hubby playing music, and my little boy outside running with the chickens. I will still dream, but until the day I have all that, I will just go to this lovely place, Jam and Cream. The moment I walked in, I was back in my Narmies kitchen smelling all her great food. The moment I saw this place, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! Have a look where I spent my morning today.


The pretty tea cup I sipped from today
Our table of food!
I don't think I need to describe this place anyore. If you havent already called a friend to book a date there, then do so now! The food is amazing and you will leave with a spring in your step and MANY childhood memories! I'm going ith my lovely sis in law Sarah next tuesday, but more than happy to book a date to go with you too and try the high tea!! Check out their facebook page for their contact details, Jam and Cream.
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  1. can we make a date and go there together? o my goodness, looks amazing!!!!!!

    by the way, im feeling pretty cool because we have the exact pink retro table!!

    mezz xx

  2. Looks gorgeous. What a fabulous place!! All those homemade treats!!! Love the caravan - so cool.

  3. For some silly reason I could only see half of your pics Taz. I missed out on your table of food :(
    But what I did see looked really lovely.

  4. Oh My Goodness!!! this place looks amazing!!