Sunday, October 6, 2013

A day at the fair.

Hooray, it's that time of year again. School, church and retirement villages are holding their annual fetes and fairs. I've got my favourites written in my diary for the upcoming weeks. On the weekend, I went to a new one I had not been to, or even heard of before. My mum mentioned it to me, and I am sooo glad she did. It's right up there with one of the best Ive been too! What gets a fair up there for me? Well, a good variety of homemade cakes, jams and homegrown produce. Well made scones, jam and cream (and tea) with pretty flowers on the tables. Rooms and rooms, or if outside, metres and metres of wonderful second hand and handmade things to look at and buy. Having a white elephant is bonus points, as is having things a little organised. Live music is lovely....depending what is being played and bunting here and there is always nice to see. This fair had it all. To top it all off, it was run by very excited, well dressed and proud residents of the retirement village, that you couldn't help but feel emotional. It was a glorious day for all!

Here are the things I brought home with me..

this cute tea cosy. I LOVE the little flowers.
two pot holders. the bottom one is handmade
 this great piece of pyrex!
This book. I am not much of a reader and have decided to start by reading easy, childrens and teens books.
This pack of childrens party hats. 
This tiny pretty brooch 
 Gumby party hats
Amongst a stash of christmas stuff was this little pocket. My plan is to sew it onto a top or skirt. 
A colourful bunch of wool. Perfect for pompom flowers
These bathers. Still with tag on!
some new tongs and a very old glass babies bottle.
some pretty fabric

and this vintage sheet. Perfect for dress making and swapping
I am pretty excited to go to the other fairs coming up. This week is soo busy for me, its quite exciting. I've got magazine making to do, dentist(not exciting), pilates, sewing for a nieces 3rd birthday, remembering and sewing handmade things for handmade365 and spending time with a lovely friend on friday afternoon in northcote. I don't head that way that often, but I am quite a fan of the cute shops and cafes.
Do you have a busy week planned? I highly recommend at the end of this week to walk around your local fair and have a slice of cake to unwind!
See you soon,
Taz xx


  1. taz, this look like the best fete find yet!!!! everything you bought is wonderful but I must say that when I say gumby my heart went all a flutter!!!!

    let me know about the nxt few weekends xx

  2. Lots of goodies to love in that lot, pretty colour pyrex and I love the tiny flowers on that teacosy esp.

  3. Some great spring finds there Taz, the little brooch is such a beautiful colour. I'm itching to get to a spring fete or two now!

  4. The Pyrex is stunning. I haven't been to a fair for a while, I'll have to look out for one around here. x