Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Playing with vintage sheets

Just recently, my niece (Mezz's daughter) turned 3 and once again I decided to make her something for her gift. I decided on a hopscotch mat made with pretty and colourful vintage sheets and fabric. On the reverse side I made a naughts and crosses board. I loved going through my stash of fabrics choosing bright and colourful patterns for this project. Completely suits her personality! Plus, this mat layed out would suit their home perfectly!

On the reverse side of the squares, I had a unmarked square ready for a naught or cross!
I attatched brown bias binding to the squares, that when matched up, would make the grid. 
The instructions I typed (with a typo) on my typewriter. I mentioned to Mezz, that once hopscotch and naughts and crosses is boring (are they ever?), she can sew the squares together to throw on Miss 3's bed!
Today I sent off my pile of vintage FQ's as part of Zara's swap. Ive been swimming in vintage sheets over the past couple of months, either making dresses and skirts for myself, this hopscotch mat, cutting for the swap, making skirts (and hopefully dresses) to sell and making a giveaway package!
What have you been up to? Has it involved sheets?
Incase you did not already know, my magazine, Hundreds and Thousands will be forsale..TOMORROW!!!!
Exciting times!
Taz xx