Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spring Finds.

Spring so far has been lovely. Although here in melbourne the weather is so up and down (last week I was back into winter clothes and blankets but yesterday felt like I was dying from the heat and humidity), overall Im really loving it. My garden is full of amazing colour from all the different flowers that are blooming, the grass is lovely, green and soft, generally the days are mild and perfect for long walks, the day stays lighter longer, oh and the fairs and opshops are doing their thing well! Ive been to two fairs over the past couple of weeks and a few local opshops and literally needed a trailer to bring home my finds. Here's some of my favourites..

This swing has made sunny days even better!


My hubby loves spice jars! 
Couldn't leave this beautiful handmade babies outfit at the opshop. $3 for the lot! 
 This fabric ive since turned into a skirt
Handmade earrings
Cute kiddies hankies
Cat shoes, who doesn't need cat shoes!
I also found some lovely books for Percy. A Richard Scarry dictionary and Poetry for Australian Children.
Have you done much opshopping or fete hopping recently?
I've got a load of exciting things on my plate at the moment magazine is printed and almost ready to sell, Iv'e decided to open and online shop selling handmade skirts which Ive been making with pretty vintage sheets, I am also cutting up my sheets for Zara's Vintage Sheet Swap and Im planning on doing a giveaway with some oh so pretty vintage fabric perfect for sewing and crafting with! Ive got a neat little pile growing from my cutting and sewing!
Anyway, see you soon


  1. wow so many things in there that I went oooh and aaah over! great finds :)

  2. So many lovely things. I do love your swing and so many pretty fabrics and the flower prints, gorgeous. Well done. It's been slim pickings in my area, I might need to travel further afield.

  3. Wow, so much lovely, lovely colour! I love the spring feeling from your blog as we head deeper into Autumn. I'm so excited about the magazine, can't wait to see it! And your Etsy shop too. Your life sounds busy in the best possible way! :)