Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Making dresses and skirts.

Hello all,

I thought I would share with you some of the new dresses and skirts I have made myself over the past couple of weeks. Although I love making new clothes, taking part in handmade365 has definatly pushed me and inspired me to make stuff, more often. And I really don't mind! I'm really enjoying teaching myself as I go along and coming up with new ideas. I make very simple clothes, but it's the fabric that often excites me more than how well something is you feel that sometimes? All of these items have been made with opshopped vintage fabrics or sheets.

a new skirt
this dress
this was an apron which I turned into a skirt
another simple dress
I plan to do a post soon of me wearing all my handmade for #handmade365, but until then you can have a look on my instagram.
Speaking of handmade, my magazine that I am making with Mezz, Hundreds and Thousands is getting printed and we will have it next week to finish off making! OH MY GOODNESS!! If you would like to support us and buy a copy, please have a look at our blog for the details.
See you soon, I have a cake to share with you!


  1. They are fabulous and must be a nice add to your wardrobe. xx

  2. Well done you! you have been busy! Lovely to have nice new outfits in the wardrobe :)

  3. Such beautiful fabrics you work with. Making and wearing your own clothes is so very rewarding.

  4. i love all your fabrics and the styles you have made here! i'm going to try to make a skirt out of some vintage sheets soon :)