Monday, November 18, 2013

I made myself vintage inspired swimwear!!

Yesterday was hot and sunny. I've been dreading but also getting excited about the warm weather hitting melbourne. Yesterday was great. I didn't overheat. I felt excited about the sunshine, about our seaside holiday coming up, about picnics and about swimming. I got so excited I decided to make myself some bathers. Vintage inspired from a picture of a cute pattern I found online. Material was opshopped and away I went. I am soooo happy with these. Nothing went wrong, and I just hope nothing goes wrong...bursting open whilst at the beach...and they fit and suit my body so yeehaa!!

I referred back to this image as I went along, leaving out the technical bow detail..
this image of my Narmie has inspired me too, I just love these bathers!
I love this image too!
they dont suit baggy!
I attatched pretty black elastic around the edges of the waist and legs 
I made the stripy part of the top but attatched it to an old strap with a buckle. I just gathered the sides to fit the size of the strap
Elastic to hopefully prevent boob exposure. I also lined the top and bottoms for extra protection!!
Below are images of me wearing them. I debated showing you this, but as I will wear them at the beach theres no difference I guess. But as I am not comfy with a almost nude body on the internet, I took them of me in the mirror, just showing what needs to be seen for the bathers!

Have you made your own bathers before? I'd love you to show me! Im feeling pretty proud of my sewing skills. My Narmie would be proud, she made my bathers as a kid, lovely purple leopard print ones!!
Enjoy todays sunshine if you are in melbourne, it's leaving us already this afternoon!
Taz xx


  1. Love them tazzi. So clever.
    I especially love the sneaky butt shot. :)

  2. You are so, so clever Taz!
    Your new HAND-MADE bikini is a triumph!
    (not to mention the pin-up girl modelling them)
    Your sewing has come on in leaps and bounds. I'm impressed.

  3. Taz, you are SO clever!! I love them!! And you are stunning, as always. You are def inspiring me to start making my own clothes. Do you use a pattern for your dresses?
    I got my vintage Christmas paper in the post, so so lovely, and the girls are dreaming up things they can make with it. Ahem, hands off, darling girls, that paper happens to be mine!!

  4. wow how clever. inspiring really and you modelled them beautifully. Its daunting show and telling on the internet but you look lovely.

  5. You are so clever!!! Your togs look fab. I find the vintage styles are so much more flattering on. Xx

  6. Beautiful style and beautifully modeled. I made bathers for myself many years ago (maybe 40years ago) Might try it again.

  7. Wow, I can only dream of making anything as fabulous as those bathers. They are amazing. xx

  8. LOVE the swimsuit. Timeless, love the stripes and it looks perfect on you :)

  9. Taz, you are the cutest girl ever! What amazing bathers....very, very clever and creative. xo

  10. Tarryn these look amazing. I will however admit that as soon as I read this line "...and I just hope nothing goes wrong...bursting open whilst at the beach..." my IMMEDIATE thought was "Oh my gosh that would be HILARIOUS!". Please don't take it personally, that's just how my brain works. Well done! Beth xox

  11. Pretty amazing!! You are looking rather gorgeous in it too!! xoxo