Thursday, January 23, 2014

Loving paper craft at the moment!

Besides a spot of sewing yesterday (I will share the dress I made with you soon), I have been spending alot of time crafting with paper. I didn't really think paper was my thing which sounds ridiculous, but I usually go for fabric or sewing, but Ive found alot of pleasure sitting at my kitchen table, with tea, some sort of cake, and pretty paper, doilys, glue, string, old books, my typewriter, all sorts, and creating things. Some were for my home, some the shop, which is now stocked up with papery goodness for you to pretty your home with, and some for a gift. Here's what Ive been cutting and gluing lately..

I made this doily garland for my sis in law Ash as a house warming pressie, fell inlove with it, so now sell them for $3 in my shop

Packs of mini gift cards are in my shop too for $7

Mini envelope garlands..I couldn't help myself. Just another thing to hang and brighten up a home..$3

Made this home sign to hang on the front door

Cut an old childrens book to make this spells Percy. I also made 3 for Ash's children.

Inspired my Mezz's paper garland..I made one myself. Pretty up these yuck doors

Turned Percy's first birthday cards into a bunting

Loving wrapping orders and gifts with old book pages..this one went to Ash containing house warming goodies...heres what I got them

A handmade pillow case made with a doily, napkin and vintage fabric, the CUTEST house tea towel, this mini bunting as well as the other goodies mentioned.

Well, hope these pics inspire you to perhaps get out some paper and glue and start creating. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Will share my new dress soon!

Taz xx


  1. Oh Taz, loved seeing yr beautiful bunting. I'm a big fan of paper bunting - so quick and easy peasy. Xx