Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crocheting my way.

I don't know about you, but I cannot understand crochet patterns. I have quite a few crochet books, including ones written for children by children, yet the words ch1, sl2 (ch5, wrh7), second row ch1, ch1, ch1..MAKE NO SENSE TO ME!!! I know everything is explained in the books, but I don't have the patience to go back and forward trying to figure out what they are talking about. I wish I could, and will not throw my books out because a goal of mine is to open them and for them to make as much sense as 'spread the chocolate over the warm cake and enjoy' like in my cookbooks!

From my frustration and eagerness to try more than just a granny square, but lack of understanding and patience to try understand books, Ive been crocheting my way. It's probably all wrong, and Im sure there are profesh crocheters out there feeling a little ill at how im doing things, but its working for me and Im excited. Here are some new things ive created by looking at a picture and making it up as I go along!

Have made myself a crochet ball necklace
Have made crochet flowers
Make a circle with a square around it granny square
Making circles and red doily
Starting triangles for a bunting
And I've figured out a way to join squares..if its correct or not I'm not sure!
Do please share with me if you know of any real fool proof books, blogs or online videos for learning crochet. Im excited to get making with these new "skills" and hope you don't mind me sharing with you along the way!
Anything you've made from just making it up?


  1. Sorry, can't help Taz - even my attempts at chain stitch ends up in knots!

  2. I cant crichet OR understand patterns, even ones written in plain english. I always resort to visual tutorials on youtube. Loving that crochet bunting x

  3. Well done you, i am a pattern girl though some are written in total jibberish! I say try different youtube vids till you find one that makes sense :)

  4. I love that crochet ball necklace. Plse can we have a tutorial? Pretty please.

    I'm useless with following any kind of instruction and like Max, I need to see it on youtube or see photos rather than written. I'm a hopeless case I know. xx

  5. Hi Taz ... try Attic 24 ... a blog in the UK ... it's great ... I learnt granny squares from her tutorials ... there are lots of pictures to help ... Bee xx

  6. Ok, so I need a few hours I think to sit and watch youtube vids! Glad to hear im not the only one who's brain melts when trying to understand patterns! Thanks all for the suggestions and encouragment!

  7. I love the necklace it's gorgeous. I can't crochet at all so I'm impressed with all of it :o)