Sunday, February 10, 2013

Salt and Pepper

I love a good find in an opshop, most of what takes up my home is from an opshop, and part of the fun of opshopping for me is looking for cute and interesting salt and pepper shakers. I collect them and love finding really unique, modern, vintage salt and pepper shakers. My collection is getting quite large. I am needing more shelf space as the window they are sitting along is now full! Here is my collection, all opshopped or given to me by family from overseas adventures or christmas!

These are a bit sad. I need to fix a brocken neck.
These are our missmatched salt and pepper shakers we use everyday.
Hope you like my collection! Do you collect anything?
Taz x


  1. I do like your collection-such a variety of styles-my faves are the painted wooden ones that look kokeshi-esq, and the peas are so cute! I love collecting, i have a collection of eiffel towers, a small collection of kokeshi dolls, and turkish style linen towels, crown lynn colour glaze crockery...i think thats it!

    1. What lovely things you collect! Its fun browsing around and when you find something to add its so exciting!

  2. great collection!....I love the little chefs....your everyday ones are cute too!
    Allison x

  3. Replies
    1. Yes I know! And im still hunting which is so much fun!

  4. What a fun least they don't take up very much room. Which ones are your favs? I am hopeless with vintage linen..some it is so bulky it's ridiculous but I love it & least I can sell some it if it threatens to take over whole rooms ; 0 Have a great week. Catherine x

    1. Dont worry, I have a thing for vintage fabric. I really dont need the amounts I have! My fav shakers are the yellow wooden ones with chickens and the salty and peppy ones! Hope your having a good week!

  5. lovely collection. i have the matching coffee cup of the vw vans. my fave set it the yellow first ones. i used to collect all things monkeys. now i have a small collection of rob ryan artwork (tiles/tea towel/vase). your posts always make me want to go op-shopping!!!! erin :)

  6. Thanks for commenting! I like the moneky idea..did you find interesting things? My fav are the yellows too. Opshopping is so much fun isnt it!

  7. I used to collect s & p sets so I have quite a few knocking around. I really must show mine off one day soon. I like to collect Ladybird books, vintage sheets, wooden handled kitchen untensils and broken crockery from the beach(!). I used to collect more but I'm actually trying to declutter these days. xx

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