Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pears, Cream, Ginger and a song

For my hubby..I wanted to share with you two things about my lovely, he's amazingly talented with a guitar in his hand, and two, he has a very soft heart.

Recently, on one of his days off,he wanted to do some cooking, but cooking that reminded him of his Nanna (the soft heart bit). Hubby's favourite dessert she made was crushed gingernut biscuits, cream and tinned pears, layered in a glass or bowl and left to sit and mingle. It really is delicious. So, my hubby being the experimental guy he is, wanted to make his own version of the dessert, making a candied ginger and pear ice cream with homemade gingernut biscuits. I did not complain. We used my nannas gingernut biscuit recipe and here is what we made.

To make the Pear and Candied Ginger Ice cream you will need
300 ml full cream milk
1 egg, well beaten,
1 tsp vanilla
70 gm honey
300 ml cream
3 ripe pears
90 gm candied ginger, chopped
Combine milk, egg, vanilla and honey in a saucepan over a med heat. Stir until it thickens but do not let it boil as the egg with scramble. Let cool.
Poach and puree the pears with a little sugar and ground ginger to taste. Let this cool.
Once everything is cool, combine the cooled custard mixture, cooled pears, the cream and the candied ginger.
Mix well and churn in a ice cream maker for about 30 minutes. Freeze to ripen.
For my Narmies homemade gingernut biscuits you will need:
120 gm s.r flour
1 tsp ground ginger
pinch of salt
45 gm sugar
60 gm butter
60 gm honey or golden syrup
Sift dry ingredients together. Add sugar and rub in butter. Warm the honey or syrup and add this to the flour mixture. The dough should be stiff. Roll little balls and place on baking trays. These spread a bit so no need to flatten them. Bake for approx 10 min at 180C. Cool on a wire rack.
And now to give you a little taste of his guitar/singing talent, the same day he decided to record a cover of one of his favourite songs by a band called Pedro the Lion. Maybe you've heard of them? Anyway, he set up our camera in the lounge and recorded this..(please do have a listen)...

Im into craft, he's into making music and I know he'd be very chuffed if his album got some listens over to keep him encouraged like you do for me!
Tell me, do you live with people who are creative and quite frankly, to cute for words??
Thanks for reading and listening!


  1. What a guy Taz!
    Any man who wants to cook something that reminds him of his Nan gets a big tick from me. My husband really loved his Nan (the real Lucy Violet) too. I find this a very sweet and endearing quality in a bloke, He gets extra bonus points for singing and playing the guitar too.
    I need to get an icecream machine (I think I've said that before?) because that icecream sounds delicious.
    Can you email your address? I've got a v.nice plate I'd like to send you x

  2. pete is lovely.i remember nana's recipe that he was inspired by,it was a fav of mine too. hopefully c u soon once all the tummy bugs and croup leave us!xx

  3. Oh what a cute and talented little family. Percy is the most talented by the way.
    But cute. And I want some of Narmies gingernut cookies. Have any left?

  4. What a creative lovely couple you two must be!