Friday, February 1, 2013

A wonderful way to start the day..

Just 5 minutes from our home is a little aged care village and once a month the residents put on a trash n treasure market. Today was the first time we have been there, but I can promise you, we will be making it a monthly thing! Not only did I find some of my best second hand finds all for $10, but we met the lovliest people and sat and had tea and homemade biscuits with them. There was Russel, Margaret, Alec and Elaine. There were homemade rice bubble biscuits, banana loaf and shortbread, all made the night before by the lovely ladies. We drank tea out of pretty tea cups and we listened to stories and memories around the table. Iv'e not felt so peaceful and happy like I did with these folks. Now I know why I love working with them. This trash n treasure market was quiet, small and about the people putting something on for the community, and you could just see how happy they all were about getting involved. They know our names and we know theirs, and we love that Percy brought more than smiles to their faces, but memories of other Percy's they grew up with! We promised to go back in a month, and they promised to be there. Ive also got the recipe for the homemade biscuits that Margaret made and shared with me. I will put it below the photos of the treasures I found.

A pretty bowl
Two mixing bowls
6 plastic coaster doileys
This lunch box!!!
This pretty vase
Books for Percy
This cute book which I will read to you in another post
This vintage sheet
This silk scarf
Two pretty aprons
And these.
I don't know what they are. Do you? Im assuming they are for outdoor furniture. I see them all the time at opshops but never as pretty as these. If someone could tell me otherwise I will just make something with them!
Now for the recipe for the rice bubble biscuits:
You need
1 cup flour
1 cup rice bubbles
1/4 pound sugar
1/4 pound butter
Mix. Roll balls and place on tray to bake. Bake at 180c til cooked.
They were lovely dipped into my tea!
So i'm not sure what your doing in a months time, but if you want a morning that will just melt your heart and spend time with lovely people, head down to the trash n treasure market!
Happy Saturday!




  1. oh taz,u had me at hello! we wld love to join u nxt month at the old folks trash and treasure wonderfulness!

    i think ill try those rice bubble biscuits..

    oh and clever girl on the twitter still getting my head around facebook,smart phones,microwaves and colour tv,so it mite be sumtimes before i join u!


  2. We'll try to get there, maybe next month. Sounds wonderful. Pete's nana was there for a little while when waiting for a place in Inala's Nursing Home, and we've had an evening gig there ages ago, so have a soft spot for Strathdon. Thanks again for a lovely post xo.

  3. aww, that sounds like such a wonderful day out. and tea and cakes always civilizes second hand shopping. struggling to decide which is my fave find of yours this week. the book i think-the cover illustration is adorable, looking forwards to hearing about the contents. thanks for linking up again, max x

  4. I love the bowl you found - the pattern is very like the one on the plate in my blog header!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Thanks everyone! Im looking forward to regular monthly visits! Brings me alot of joy and im sure it does them!

  6. Oh terrace. I expect you to take me there next time. And that's an order terrace. Or no Thailand presents for you.