Monday, February 25, 2013

Making sunny day hats.

I went to a fete a few weeks ago, and it was a terribly hot and sunny day. I needed a hat. There were lovely handmade hats for sale, but for $60. I completely respect someones decision to charge that much because of all the time, effort, materials, quirkyness put in, but I didn't have $60 to just spend on a hat. So, I decided to make my own. One thing I learnt, I HAVE A BIG HEAD! I got out my copy of Pip Lincolne's Sew La Tea Do and found a hat pattern. I followed it very carefully until I realised it was not going to fit around my head, so added extra length. Then silly me, took off some of the height of the hat, thinking it would be in my eyes, and the finished product did not sit on my head well at all! I was slightly annoyed as I was so happy with how it looked and that I actually made a hat! Note to self, just do as your told!
Anywayyy, I made a second attempt and it does fit, hoorah! Im now feeling like an actual mad hatter, wanting to pop these out every few minutes. Once I knew what I was doing, it was pretty easy and fun to come up with different fabric combos! Have a look at my new sunny day hat, and a spare for someone with a small head!

It's reversable!
The hat that does not fit!
So now I have a new hat to wear on sunny days. Today however is rainy and cloudy and I couldn't be happier!
Thanks for reading,


  1. Taz, you are so clever...and you make me smile a lot too. Great that it's reversible....2 hats for the price of one!!! xo

  2. love ur hats....and ur facial expressions!


  3. I love it. It's gorgeous. And so are you.
    (even with a sad face!)

  4. Gosh they are so cute!! Love them! Might keep an eye out for a secondhand copy of that book, heard great things about it :)

  5. They look fab! Well done you! Love the fabrics :)

  6. Love the hats. The fabric you chose is gorgeous. Cx

  7. Thanks ladies for the encouraging comments! Thinking of making a few more soon.

  8. Um, can I just say that I have a very small head?! Just sayin'!

    Making a hat is on my list of things to make... if I can make mine half as pretty as these I'll be super happy!