Thursday, January 31, 2013

Peach Picking..A seriously good way to enjoy summer!

It's officially summer in my books (yes I know summer started 2 months ago), but what yells summer at me, is stonefruit. Ive bought some from markets and fruit shops, but it wasn't until the weekend just past that summer really hit. We went fruit picking. Stone fruit picking. The best kind. We picked them straight off the tree. We ate the juciest, sweetest, freshest, cleanest, peaches, nectarines and plums. It was amazing. I grew up with fruit trees around me, so it brought back lovely memories of being able to just eat food straight from the tree and not the shelf! We went to Rayners Stonefruit Farm, sat on the back of his tractor and drove around the orchard for an hour eating fruit and picking what we wanted to take home. Then we ended it off in the cafe with the best homemade roasted blood plum ice cream and a peach and blueberry pie. Soo good! Here are some photos from our day...

Hubby and Percy ready to pick! Cute!
Getting the perfect pieces of fruit picked for us to eat
Some of the delicious fruit I picked to take home
So is your mouth watering yet? I had plans to make icecreams and other sweet treats with this fruit, but intead we ate it fresh as there really isn't anything better!
Check out their website and go have a look yourself!
While I'm here, this is todays pretty plate. I've chosen a peachy colour for today!

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