Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday Books

It was my birthday in march and although it is june now, I wanted to share with you what books I recieved as gifts. Some were chosen for me and others I bought with birthday money. Reason i'm sharing these with you is incase your interested in any of them, I might help make up your mind, or you may find an idea for a gift for someone else.

First, this delightful cookbook,

Its a lovely book, with recipes from nannas all over the world. This is where I get my lambs fry recipe from. Its delicious!
Next, this wonderfully colourful craft book by Pip at Meet me at Mikes.
With some of my birthday money, I bought myself this very popular book. Ive not quit sugar, and I am not sure I can/want to, but I definatly try to cook with less sugar or healthier sugar substitues as there is way to much sugar in food these days. This book has great ideas!
Anyone offering a homemade nutella recipe is welcome to me. Ive made this, it is great. Spread on banana it's even better!
This almond butter bark...seriously addictive!
I recieved this next book just recently. It was one I had said I was interested in, but didn't expect it. Its Frankie magazines wrapping paper book, and it is full of lovely wrapping paper.
Some of my favourites. Im trying to decide to frame them, get crafty with them or wrap gifts in them.
This next book is another I bought. It's a book dedicated to a lady's grandma and other special women in her life. The photos are beautiful, the recipes bring back memories and the crafts are easy.
I also recieved a lovely pile of very pretty notebooks. Perfect for lists, planning, jotting down things on my mind..oh and reminders for tea and cake dates!
Love this one, covered in vintage wallpaper bought from Tea Wagon Tales
As you can see I was very spoilt. Do you own any of these books? Have any of these been on your wish list?
My mum also gave me a voucher for wotif, yay, this means a night or two away somewhere pretty with my little family. Can't wait! Any suggestions on where? Im thinking daylesford.
Thanks for reading, see you soon.



  1. Prettty. No I don't have any of those, but I have an AMAZING sister who lets me borrow all of her stuff without question :)

  2. Wow, top birthday loot! You are obviously well understood and loved. X

  3. Lovely books ... I'm off now to investigate them ... Bee xx

  4. Great books! I've always been pretty keen on the make hey one :)

    1. Make Hey is great. So many ideas and the photos just so colourful!