Sunday, June 30, 2013

Teeny Tiny Second Hand Finds and the best $6 ive ever spent!

Here are some of my latest second hand finds. These have come from opshops, camberwell market and the st andrews market. All very cheap! The tea cups and deer are the teeniest tiniest little things, which is why I had to get them!

Made and handpainted in Japan

An idea of how small they are!!!
A new whistling stovetop kettle
A new addition to my salt and pepper collection

This pretty slowcooker!!!! This was the best $6 ive ever spent.

Loved the fabric on this $1. Im going to alter it to make it a bit more me.
 Have you done any thrifting lately? I also found a few lovely bits, bobs and buttons for my button swap partner but I will show you that another time! Speaking of button swaps, Im so excited about how everyone is enjoying it and getting right into it. Ive seen some of the buttons swapped...amazing! I will share everyones once they are all sent and recieved. But a huge thankyou to everyone taking part.
Also, bloglovin is on my mind. If you like reading my blog, please follow me on bloglovin as apparently you wont see my posts through google friend connect, or something like that!
Ok, see you soon,
Taz xx
Oh oh, today I was given a very special gift. A thrifted gift, one that deserves its own post, so stay tuned!


  1. Gosh your op shops are great ... you have some fab finds but my favourite is the spotty dress ... so lovely ... Bee xx

  2. Some lovely finds! I haven't thrifted much of late as last week was so crazy, but I did find a lovely vintage pattern at the Homegrown Fair I blogged about. x

  3. Beautiful finds, I just had a phone call from home to say a package from Australia has arrived, can't wait to see what my button swap partner has sent when I get in from work .... Excited!!! ~ Sarah x

  4. Ok wow amazing!! I have never found any kind of dress for $1! Although I am finding better deals in the charity shops by visiting more regularly...

  5. crock-o-dial!!! it and for $6. also love your spotty dress...all sweet finds. Al x

  6. the crock-o-dial, wowee. what a sweet addition to the kitchen bench.x