Wednesday, June 26, 2013

South African Recipe: Trifle dessert

Here is the next recipe from one of my favourite South African cookbooks, African Salad. Todays is for trifle dessert. You know, that delicious layered sweet treat with jelly, custard, cake, or biscuit, cream, fruit. Each family seems to have their own take on it. My dad used to pour the jelly on the cake to make it really moist and delicious!

This map excites me as it shows you the places I grew up. I was born in Edenvale, lived in Walkerville and visited my dad in Randburg!
To make this trifle, you will need:
1 packet tennis biscuits (these are a plain biscuit with a bit of coconut in them. You can just use a plain biscuit).
1 tin of peaches, sliced
1 tin of guavas, sliced
1 tin dessert cream
Red and green jelly, set and chilled
Ice cream
Crush biscuits into a dessert bowl. Layer the peaches, quavas, dessert cream and chilled jellies and ice cream 2 or 3 times. Chill the dessert then serve.

Does your family have your own way of making trifle? Its definatly one of my favourite desserts! Let me know if you make this one.

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