Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Simple Things List

Yesterday, on a long walk with hubby and of course Percy, I spotted this little bunch of green. I don't know if it's a flower or a berry or what, but it has fallen off a tree branch too soon by the looks of things, probably from all the heavy rain we have been having. I though it was beautiful and took it home, placed it in a vase and am loving its simplicity and prettiness its given that corner of my kitchen, even if just for a day. It got me thinking about the simple things in life that are all around us and that we do, that can make your day seem not so bad, your week not so busy and your year not so hard. Below is a list of some of the simple things that make me smile.

*Soup and Bread (with lots of butter)
*Visiting my family home
*Rooibos tea
*Going to craft group on a wednesday
*Playing hide and seek with my son
*Long walks with hubby
*Looking through photos
*Tea and biscuits with my aunty
*Picking up flowers that have fallen too soon
*Meals with friends
*Baskets of yarn
*Bloggers, and those sharing their excitment about my Button Swap, like Sarah from The Faerie Factory

What are some of the things on your list?
Please share, as taking time to think and write them down, will give you a moment of joy if not completely make your day!
Thanks for reading my blog, it makes all the difference to my day! xx


  1. Early morning misty dog walks on the beach
    My latest op shop finds
    Home grown sage on my breakfast egg
    The sight of my son using a dictionary
    Women's hour podcasts while I work.

    1. Lovely things on your list. Morning eggs are on mine too. xx

  2. What a lovely post ... the simple things are always the best ... I love clean sheets, cuddles from my little ones, country walks in the sun, the list goes on and on ... Bee xx

  3. I love reading your blog posts Taz.
    I am grateful for- coffee and op-shopping with my other half, sewing with vintage linens, snuggling on the lounge with the cats, freshly squeezed orange juice, watching the chooks run to me at top speed when I call them.

    1. Cute chickens!! And yes to freshly squeezed orange juice! xx

  4. I always used to love the smell of rain on parched ground. I say "used to" as I'm a bit fed up of rain at the moment (the weather in London has not been great to say the least). The smell of lillies, sitting and gazing into the middle distance, caressing my collection of buttons. No, I'm being silly now... Love your jug come vase. xx

  5. I love your list. simple things for me at the moment are cups of tea, reading great books, dvds at night with bazz once the kids are a sleep, story time each night with miss 2, walks to school with master 7, crochet