Friday, June 21, 2013

I miss you Japan!

Reposting this with a few alterarions as its now 2 years!

Its been 2 years since my husband and myself, along with two good friends, boarded a big plane and flew to Japan for a holiday. So I thought a nice way to celebrate the anniversary of being in such an amazing place is to share with you my favourite moments/places we experienced over there. We loved our time in busy Tokyo, the lights, colour and non stop fun, but I fell inlove with the country when we visited traditional Kyoto. Hope these photos show how amazing and beautiful Japan can be!

Shopping In Tokyo
My favourite ice creams in amazing flavours
Breakfast on our first morning
Plastic moulds of food on offer!
Beautiful, still gardens in the middle of Tokyo
Got a bid addicted to these mini doughnuts!
Food van at a weekend market in Tokyo
Love this giant piece of mosaic art!
Tokyo from a monorail
Cutest way to spend a day at the Cat Cafe!
Busy Tokyo by day
Bright Tokyo by night.
Found the cutest things to buy in Tokyo
Discovering the tall and narrow buildings in Tokyo
Real take away on the bullet train to Kyoto
Riding around the quiet and very narrow streets of Kyoto
Beautiful, still streets of Kyoto
Found a flea market with the best second hand stuff!
More shopping in Kyoto
Staying in a traditional Ryokan, and wearing all the tradional attire!
Best breakfast of the trip. Traditional Japanese breakfast at the Ryokan.
Catching the train to explore Kyoto
Spotted a man doing a spot of fishing in the most beautiful place.
Couldn't get enough of the view
On a romantic train ride through the middle of nowhere!
Inside my capsule at the capsule 9 Hours hotel, very modern accomodation in untouched Kyoto!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos! They bring back so many lovely memories for me! Am so happy I bought a few bits and pieces while there to remember my time, and these are my favourites!

Thanks for reading!



  1. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh I want to go there!!!! me need holiday. soon! love the Kyoto pics xx

  2. YUM! That train food looks so good! Kellie xx

  3. Hi Taz, Japan looks great, nice to see your pictures! I would like to go one day, have a good week, Heather x