Friday, June 7, 2013

This month I celebrate 14 years since landing is Australia

June the 1st has been a special day for the last 14 years. It marks the day I landed in Australia. We immigrated out here from South Africa. Time has gone so quickly and I cannot believe I have been here that long. I cannot believe I have been here for now more than half my life. Im now more aussie and than south african, no offense, but that makes me a little sad. Im trying to hang onto as much south african-ness as I can!! Im not going to chat too much about moving here and things, as I had a specific plan for this post, but to sum my feelings up right now, I love that I am here, I love that I found my husband here, his family, my friends, my much safer life, but I miss everything about the culture and people over there, and I miss my dad. But thats enough, I will stop there, I don't need to make you cry first thing in the morning!!

I thought I would use this significant time as a way to start a series of posts on South African Recipes. Ive been wanting to share these with you for a while, so now is the perfect time. I am a very proud South African. I also get very very excited if I meet any new South Africans, so if you know of any..please send them my way!!

The recipes Im sharing come from one of my most favourite books titled, 'African Salad, a portrait of South African's at home'. I havn't tried all of them, and the ones I have I will tell you about in a bit more detail. The photos in this book make me so happy, they include a hand written recipe by the family and usually a photo of the family or their home. Its so personal, and if I need a bit of Home, I have a look at this book. I will just start with the first page and make my way through over a series of posts! Enjoy!

First recipe is for Boerbrood.


You will need:
5 baking tins
small to medium sized pot
pinch salt
pinch of sugar
1 potato, finely sliced
about 2 handfuls brown flour
leaven blanket
large basin
about 4 litres of water
about 5 kg white bread flour
small handful of course salt

For the yeast, lay the potato slices on the bottom of the pot. Add the salt and sugar. Pour boiling water over the potato until the water level reaches the pot handles. Now add the brown flour to the level of the pot rim. Do not stir. Make 3 deep holes in the flour with a knife. Cover with the leaven blanket and leave for 1 day to rise.
When the yeast has risen, set aside a jug of water that is hot but not boiling. Place the white flour in the basin with the course salt. To this add some of the potato yeast and a generous splash of water. Knead together. Add more potato yeast and water and repeat, kneading all the time, until the potato yeast is finished, and the dough is no longer sticky.
Do not add water too quickly or the dough will be runny. Cover again with the leaven blanket, and leave to rise for 2 hours, until the dough fills the basin. Place it in the greased baking tins. Cover again and leave to rise until it fills the tins. Bake at 180C for 1 1/4 hours.
Chefs tip: A leaven blanket is a piece of cloth, traditionally made out of baby blankets and cut up for use in baking.

I don't know if you will try this recipe, but if you do, let me know. Aren't the photos lovely!
See you soon with another recipe, as well as a tribute post to Japan, as it been 2 years since my holiday there! Oh, and ive been baking birthday cakes, so lots to chat about!
Tomorrow (sunday 9th june) is the last day to sign up for the Button Swap, so if you havnt already, now is the time! We have people from all over the world joining, it's so exciting!!
See you soon,



  1. I am going to love this Taz! I've been in NZ for 14 years too! Our date is in April. Yay for great recipes x

    1. Oh Im glad you will enjoy this. Where are you originally from?

  2. My dad's wife and one of my best friends are S African - I'd love to visit there someday.

    My husband moved to the UK from France to be with me so I know about the need to hang on to a cultural identity - my hubby does it with food too, family recipes, and radio, Internet & magazines! It will be 13 years this July - he was 18!when we met! I was 20

    1. Oh thats completely romantic! Family recipes I use the most, magazines aren't too good haha!

  3. lovely post...I will try this recipe. err... once my kitchen is clean! hope the kids didn't wreck your house too much last night. it was lovely all hanging out together. thanks for your hospitality! xx

    1. Oh no Mezz, it was lovely having you all around. Looking forward to seeing you again. If you make this recipe, pleeease let me know. It makes 5 loaves, I can take one off you haha!

  4. I love that chicken map! Kellie xx

    1. Yes me too, I thought it would make a great picture on a wall! X