Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas In July

On sunday, my family celebrated christmas in july with a very good feast! Any excuse to have roast turkey, crispy potatoes, homemade rolls, many cubes of butter, buttered carrots, and I am there! It was a lovely day, and although it wasn't christmas, it was nice to sit around chatting, eating, opening a KK gift, munching on homemade mince pies and drinking tea.

Last week, at one of my markets I love visiting, I found a box of un used christmas paper. But not just any paper, pretty cute paper. Lots of pinks and blues. I wanted to show you the fab prints to help you celebrate christmas in july..whether you plan to or not!!!

I also bought these cute mini christmas candles. Love the eyelashes!!

We had a $10 kk limit...I got my mums dog, Yahoo. Inspired by dottie angel's love for her dog, Olive, I made a few pretty things for Yahoo.

 A crochet bunting to hang above her bed
Made a personalised blanket, and stictched doileys all over it. She also has a floral scarf around her neck which I gave her. She is lovely.
This is the lovely made up table we all sat around. Thanks to my aunty!
Do you celebrate christmas in july? Its nice getting together having a big roast meal, so we do this every year.
I'm also in the process of possibly opening an etsy shop. The above christmas paper, might be there, in scrap packs ready for crafting with. Keen?
Ok, see you soon!


  1. ace papers!!! i love midwinter xmas, to break up what can seem like a never ending winter, but also being of northern hemisphere origin midwinter feels miles more christmassy! i usually go to town on a turkey, sprouts, chestnuts and decorations, but with the babe this year we just couldn't do it x
    merry midwinter to you!

  2. You should totally start an Etsy shop! The only problem for me as a customer might be the postage costs but I'm sure I'd be lusting after anything you put there!

  3. yay for christmas food, paper and etsy shop!!! xx