Friday, July 12, 2013

Loving fake flowers.

Fake flowers/plants are not a new thing. In fact, theyre dying out as they are generally seen as tacky and dusty and stuck in the 70's. Ive always loved plants in the home, fake or not, but have never done anything about it as buying fresh flowers seems a waste of money for me, I can't keep pot plants alive and plastic plants, like I said, have this tacky, dusty, need to update side to them. So, flowers are usually picked from the garden (mostly someone elses), and we just dont have big lush green plants in our home.

But i've changed this. Havent gone with the big green plants, but instead, pretty flowers, all plastic, so will never wilt and die, and will look lovely in my home. Whether or not people enter my home and think, poor girl, she needs to update her style, I dont care, these flowers are bringing me much joy, especially on grey winter days. All have come from opshops or garage sales.

As well as having flowers sitting in pretty vases, Ive made a few very simple things with some too. The first a brooch and second I hung up on my window, just to add more colour to my house!

Do you like plastic plants? Do you have plants in your home?
On another button swap partner told me she got my parcel today. You may not realise what a relief this is as there was a chance it could not have made it, so I will share what I sent her soon.
Tomorrow, I get to sit and listen to my lovely hubby, sing songs with his sister Mezz for their gig, so if you live in melbourne, do come along! Details at
See you soon,


  1. hooruh. yes i love fake flowers too. they adorn my bike basket, bedside table and bedroom. so pretty. I do love real flowers too, but am lucky, coz I can buy a bunch for a couple bucks in Footscray. c u tomorrow xx

  2. They sure do bring some pretty colour to the room.
    I've only got a couple of real plants inside- ferns in the bathroom- a couple are going really well others have not lasted the distance.

  3. I love fake flowers. I used to be a Visual Merchandiser for Freedom and I used to love it when a new (fake) flower order would come in and I could spend the day arranging flowers. Real flowers are beautiful, but you can do so much more with fake flowers. You have a really cute home and thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It felt like a big, warm hug. xxx

  4. I love how flowers of any kind can brighten up a space! I'm jealous of your house & how you can put something on a surface and it will (mostly) stay where you put it- unless my kids come over.. sorry! :P

  5. Love your flowers....particularly the pink ones... so pretty. As you know, I love flowers of all kinds, but my better half finds it difficult to spend money on real ones because they eventually die! So I have a very precious artificial rose from when my firstborn arrived all those years ago! And although my garden has plenty growing, there are spots inside that need the colour of flowers and I've never had success at indoor plants. So...long live fake flowers!!! xo