Friday, July 5, 2013

A recipe journal from the past.

I wanted to share this very lovely and special gift i was given with you. My friend Beth found it at a market and thought of me straight away. I feel quite chuffed that she thought of me, as well as buying it for me. Its a recipe journal that belonged to someone who loved cooking, from a very long time ago. I dont really know when from, but there are a few recipe snippets from newspapers dated the 1950s so its definetly lived a good,long life. It is full of handwritten recipes and cutouts, and I love that I will continue to make these recipes even though the original owner does not have it anymore. Have a look..

My pretty card from Beth

Love that the first recipe is for caramel tart!!!

This sounds amazing!

A shopping receipt dated 1956

Magazine cutout dated 1951

Isn't it just beautiful and so special. Have you ever found something like this, with a story or history behind it? Thankyou Beth, it is very me!

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Anyway, thanks again for reading and see you soon!



  1. Wow. I virtually squealed with joy and delight at every pic. What a beautiful gift. My recipes are just stored randomly in some plassy folder - really rubbish in comparison! xx

  2. What a fabulous thing to have - especially as it was given to you by a friend. Don't think I fancy the advocate though!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I'm intrigued by the recipe for advocat. If you make it will you let us know what it's like? x

  4. Oh wow, such an amazing gift to receive. The original owner made it look so beautiful .


  5. What a fabulous find ... and so lovely that you friend thought of you ... Bee xx

  6. Wow what a treasure! Can you imagine the history behind it and the times it sat on kitchen tables or benches being flicked through and consulted whilst in use? awesome :)

  7. what a treasure!...mmm caramel tart!. and id give that advocat a go. im so pleased its ended up with someone who appreciates it and will admire it for years to come. Al x