Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Finding, Buying, Sending, Making, Swapping Cards!

Cards, cards cards, I'm surrounded by cards. And thats ok! I am not complaining, just letting you know! The title of this post may confuse, I will explain!

I've done a bit of opshopping recently, and all in one basket, I came across these great, great cards, ready for me to use. So, I've been FINDING, and of course, BUYING these cards,

How good does that cake look???
Sadly, I can't see my husband giving this to his father, so Percy will use it instead!
I have also been SENDING cards, as part of a community birthday program I am part of. We were featured in the newspaper, and hallmark are SENDING us cards to use for the program. The idea is, celebrating birthdays with the people who don't have friends or family in their lives, to acknowledge that special day of theirs!
Iv'e also decided to join Mezz's Handmade Card Swap, where I will be MAKING 8 handmade cards, and SWAPPING them with someone, somewhere in the world. If you would like to join, click here.
Some oh so cute cards Mezz has made in the past
One she made, and gave to me!
So, now you can see why/how I am surrounded by cards, but its all exciting and keeping me busy!
Hope your all having a lovely week so far! I am, it's been filled with hundreds and thousands, crochet, family and today, I'm off to Jam and Cream.
See you soon,
Taz xx


  1. the cards are lovely, but your project is really wonderful, there are such a lot of people out there in quiet need of contact x

  2. I love your idea to send birthday cards to people whose birthday's would otherwise be forgotten. It's lovely and awesome and kind. Wish there was a similar project on the go here in Western Australia. Maybe there is...
    How did you get it started?
    (I see the guy in the middle has an s on his shoulders, is it run by the Salvo's?)

    Gorgeous old cards, and...gorgeous, smiley YOU!

  3. love your community birthday project. such a great way to build friendships and community. im pumped for cards at the mo xx

  4. Oh gosh, you are so amazing. This is really beautiful.

  5. Excuse me for being a dunce but what IS a Kitchen Tea that you'd send a card to accept it?

    fab illustrations on some of those cards aren't they?

    Lovely to find your blog
    noodleBubble X