Tuesday, October 9, 2012



On saturday just passed, we celebrated my nieces 2nd birthday! The little lass, belongs to my lovely sister in law, Mezz at mezzmakesstuff.blogspot.com. We celebrated in very cute style, with a tea party being the main theme. Everything was cute. The fresh flowers everywhere, the colourful handmade bunting (made my Mezz), the delicious heart shaped banana cake(also made by Mezz), the mini tea set and the story time that the little miss requested! I didnt take any photos of the party, but Im sure you have a pretty cute picture in your head!

This year for a pressie, I made some cute clothes. Well I think they're cute, and knew they would suit the birthday girl. Last years effort, was a MAMMOTH one. I made this patchwork dog!

I was quite suprised with myself that I could make something like that! Anyway, this year, it wasn't going to be as tricky! I made her two cute tops and found a very cute top at the opshop. I found a vintage card and cute wrapping paper (all opshopped), and I was set for a VERY cute day! Here's what I made...
I lined the inside with pretty fabric for extra cuteness!
A summer top made from a pillowcase 

Love the stitching on this!

The back of the top with cute floral buttons I found!
This very cute top I just had to get from the opshop!

I then wrapped it all up in some cute paper and wrote in a cute card..
I can't wait for her 3rd birthday to come, so I can make her something new!





  1. Wow wow wow! I adore everything about this!! So cute and clever! :)

  2. awwww sooo cute and adorable!!

  3. So cute! especially the pink top :)