Monday, October 15, 2012

The Holy Spirit community fete!

Its fete time again! I went to the Holy Spirit community fete at the Holy Spirit community school in ringwood on saturday. Ive gone to this fete every year for about 4 or 5 years and this time, it was the best one yet! I actually didn't know how to contain my excitment. I found myself just staring at all the people and all the stuff (stuff being trash n treasure, cakes, clothes). When I somehow snapped out of it, I enjoyed finding so many treasures! I left the fete looking like a bag lady, and this is some of the favourite things I found...

Cute mugs
A giant roll of stripey paper to add to the collection
Two new tablecloths to add to the stash(top two)

A handmade brooch
Pretty materials

This very pretty garden umbrella

What a pretty photo!!!
I also managed to find some garden pots for my hubbys vegie garden, some clothes for Percy and I, a jolly jumper for Percy to enjoy when he is a bit older and of course, some delicious lemon slice!
I can't wait for the next few fetes coming up!
Thanks for reading...


  1. Wow how did you get it all home? Love the mugs and that umbrella is going to be great for your little man now its getting warmer!

  2. My favourites are the tablecloth on the top and the bird fabric. Great haul!!