Saturday, October 13, 2012



Just recently, my sister, mum, aunty and myself (with percy of course) had a girls day, dedicated to talking about and looking through old photos of my narmie (grandma) and their mum. My narmie is no longer alive, but is definatly always part of our conversation, and I have very fond memories of my childhood growing up with her. I sometimes get sad that I can not see her now, to sit and sew, or learn how to knit,to bake, now that they are things I love to do. My narmie was a sewer. She sewed alot of my clothes and she made glorious food. I hope my crafting and cooking are making her proud, up there somewhere! My Oupa will often write in his letters (yes he still handwrites letters) how proud she would be of me, and I feel very humbled to know that! My aunty wanted to share some of the photos that we had never seen before and information she had gathered over the years about Narmie and our family history, so that as Percy grows up, he may feel like he knows who we are talking about, whos recipes it is we always run too, whose physical features we all seem to have! We had a lovely day and enjoyed eating homemade food from Narmie's recipes. I thought I would share with you, some of the beautiful photos of my Narmie that we looked at! She was quite a stunner too!

My narmie as a little girl, fishing.

My narmie on the left. I want her swimming costume!!!
Sunbaking in style!

Narmie in the middle with Oupa and my mum!
I loved seeing these photos of someone's life before I knew them! And I love knowing that Narmie will somehow be part of Percy's life!
Have a look through some of your old family may just find some gems!



  1. AHMYGOODNESS. I love this so much!!!!!

  2. Love the one of your Narmie fishing. This is something I love to do with my nana, she has so many stories to tell.

  3. Gorgeous. Love your photos. Beautiful memories.

  4. I love looking at old photos, these pics of your Narmie are amazing! What a lovely tribute Taz, Nanas are the best aren't they! Belinda x