Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Sewing Space

A few posts ago, I told you, my lovely readers, that I was in a crafty mood, but that my sewing space was not allowing me to do something about that. It needed organising, culling, cleaning and I needed inspiration! Well, it's done, and I am so happy! Although I did find time (and table space somehow) to sew my niece some birthday pressies recently, i've really only been able to organise and clean, which i'm glad is now over! I can get back into my sewing and craft, which is perfect, as Christmas is coming up!

My lovely hubby, Percy and myself, live in quite a small house. We love it, and really wouldn't want it any other way, but we have to be creative with our space. Funnily, we have one bedroom, but 3 bathrooms!!! Too hard to explain, but thats the situation. Of course we have a lounge and kitchen. My husband, cute as he is, turned one of the bathrooms into a music studio! Yes it can be done! This meant, I could have his old 'music studio', which was a hallway we didn't need, and my old sewing space which was in our bedroom which I made into two rooms with a curtain, can now be Percy's room. Anyway, I love my new sewing room. Its quirky and small, but exactly what I need! Here is my new favourite place to be, besides the kitchen!

Table space for fresh flowers and a cup of tea

My lovely sewing machine

My collection of opshopped wrapping paper
My pile of sewing and craft inspiration!

Bits and pieces

Some favourite tape from my holiday in Japan

I hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my new sewing space. I look forward to showing you what I create in there.



  1. Very cool space, Taz!! A totally inspiring sewing nook. I feel very blessed to have a whole large room but it is very boring and impersonal, yours is so colourful and quirky!

  2. Mines part of the walk in wardrobe which bizarrely enough has a lovely big window. Hubby is very patient (with occasional swearing). No where near as organised as yours though.

  3. Wow you have lots of supplies. I have just started sewing and enjoying it!

  4. Thanks ladies! Im very happy to be organised and back on track...hopefully it can stay this way!

  5. This looks so cosy and inviting!

  6. taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz!!!!! jealous!!!!!!
    love it xoxoxoxoxoxo