Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I was supposed to write this post in June, but had forgotten. I think baby coming was taking over my brain! This is just to show you what I made for one very cute little boy for his 1st birthday (which was in June)! As tiredness was high then and not knowing what a one year old really needs, I got a little creative. I made this simple picture for his room.

I chose bright fabrics and cut out different shapes and machine sewed them onto rectangle fabric, which was then attatched to a piece of felt. Attatched all four pictures onto a large piece of fabric, that fit a frame, and framed it.


Although this is not something the birthday boy can play with, i'm sure he will enjoy pointing at the picture and learning to say the words 'Trees' 'Car' 'Sun' and 'Bird'.
Happy birthday again...even though i'm 4 months behind!

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  1. Hi Taz,
    I just want to tell everyone how much we love this picture and that the gift arrived on time for the birthday boy. His first word is car! He loves playing with cars and going in the car!
    I love your blog, thanks for sharing with us.