Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Latest fete finds...

Yes, fetes are still going and I must say, they keep on getting better each week. Over the past two weekends, ive been to 7 fetes. Ive had alot of cake. Alot. Ive also found lovely treasures. Two weekends ago, some friends and I went to 3 fetes. The weekend just past, my lovely sis in law and her hubby and kids, joined Percy and I on a '4 fetes in a day' day! It was great. Here are some of my favourite things I found over the past 2 weeks!

Cute fabric
Some new clothes


Cute birthday cards
This doily cushion cover

This cushion

A picture with the BEST fabric

These handmade fingerless gloves
Some vegies and herbs for hubbys garden

A cute chicken bunting for my sewing toom
Playing cards for when Percy is older

Found this cute cross stitched lion to put on something

New glasses (5c each)
This pretty material is a wrap around skirt

A handmade bag bag for our facewashers
Homemade biscuits of course!
Ive also found sewing supplies, gardening tools, a shirt for hubby. Now you can see exactly why I love fetes so much! Ive written about others here and here. My sis in law at mezzmakesstuff shared what she found on the weekend too!
So, have you gone to a fete yet???


  1. Those clothes are amazing!!! lovelovelove!

    1. Yes I was so pleased Jess! And im sure you have fabulous fetes and fairs over in the uk! Bit jealous! xx miss you

  2. i don't know which thing you bought that i like best!!!! maybe your glass with holly hobby on it!?!! here's an idea taz, we start a joint blog called "two happy fete hoppers" to record all our fete excitments...maybe a next year thing, huh? just a though! xx