Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A creative christmas.

Before we are well and truly out of the christmas season and into baking hot cross buns, I wanted to share with you a little snippet of my christmas and how creativity was all around. Whether it was items I made as gifts, or gifts from others, everyone seemed to be on the same page, with handmade, recycled, pre loved gifts and things to encourage our creativity. Here are some photos (that I remembered to take) to show you why this christmas was such a good one.

Made this bunting for my mum

Recieved this handmade brooch
Recieved this handmade necklace
Bought these cute badges from a little craft shop. Put them on some pretty card and gave as gifts.
My sister made this for Percy!!!!
My mum in law made this lovely felt picture for us.
Made a couple of gadget cases for my aunty
I bought some vintage wallpaper scraps for my family to get crafty with from
Recieved these amazing pre loved serving dishes
I made this bunting for my sister
My sis in law made bags to give her gifts in! We have 3!!!
Hubby recieved some really good books
Made up a sewing kit in an amazing preloved case I found as a gift
I went to the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar where I found cute hand made wooden decorations. Gave them as gifts.
Sis in law handmade this mat for me
My sister made name tags for hubbys garden
Mum knows me. She got me this craft book and a craft mag subscription!
Gave this pretty pre loved brooch.
Made this patchwork picnic rug for sis in law
Made tubs of ice cream for bro in law
Recieved this painting of Ben Harper
My sis in law made christmas decorations for my house
Found some vintage paper to give away for card making etc
Percy got this handmade western bulldogs sock monkey from sis in law
Made this drawstring backpack for my niece
Perhaps you've gotten some ideas or feel encouraged to get creative this year from these photos! Thankyou to all my talented family and friends!
taz xx


  1. Wow! What an amazing collection of ideas, and doesn't that make Christmas so much more the way it's meant to be. These are all gifts of love, which is what the first Christmas was all about really. xo

  2. Love it!!!! And I already have the bunting and the deer wood thing and the wall hanging up in my room!!!

  3. Yay for using the things sammy! And yes christmas is just lovey when everyone is on the same page.