Saturday, January 12, 2013

Holiday Snaps- Seaside views and opshop scores!

Do yourself a favour. For your next holiday, or break, or weekend away or day trip or lunch break, head down to Rosebud. It's not far if you live in melbourne now with all the different new roads linking people to other places in an instant. That's where we went for a weeks holiday with my hubby, percy boy, sister, mum, my twin brother and his lovely gal, oh and Yahoo, the dog! Besides having the beach at the end of the road where we stayed (and really anywhere in Rosebud your not far), there are also about 8 opshops, that we could find, in the area. Then once you've spent all your pennies at those, jump in your car and drive for another 10 min to rye then onto sorrento for another few opshops. Well thats what we did anyway! It was a fabulous week away with walks on the beach, opshopping, card games, eating out, watching movies and just all being together. Here are some of my holiday snaps!

*Some beautiful seaside shots*
*Some of the best opshop finds..*
Fun kiddy fabric
A old christmas pillowcase I will use as Percy's stocking
A fabulous old cookbook
This amazing coat. It was $1!!!
and hubby bought all these books!
We also enjoyed sundaes,
homemade sticky banana balls (just used my banana cake recipe and rolled it into balls with a caramel sauce) and lemon slice,
Yahoo and Percy played together,
And I finally learnt how to crochet! I'm still learning but yay! Thanks to my sister for teaching me.
Wow, ok, I feel I need a cup of tea after writing this post. Tired! Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos! I look forward to our holiday again next year!
Taz xx


  1. oh, taz. wow. the jacket. what a jacket. im insanely jealous of everything you posted..the beach, the holiday house, the crocheting, the op shopping..but boy. the $1 jacket. amazing!


  2. Gorgeous views. When we lived in Melbourne Safety Beach was my fab - all down that coast though it looks like the islands to me! Golden books are just fabulous!
    I'm a new follower of yours.

  3. Oooh I love your pics tazzi. And that sundae looks just as good as you said it was!!!

  4. That jacket is wonderful! You always have such great finds. Well done on the crochet, it is on my to do list to learn in 2013

  5. Thanks lovely ladies! Im looking forward to making our seaside and opshopping holiday a tradition each year!

  6. that looks like my kinda holiday-sun, sand, water, craft, good food and oppy-ing galore, there is just no improving on that! the green cape is AMAZING, very folkloric, i just love that look. so glad you could link up x

  7. Great spot, lovely view and op shops what more could a girl want

  8. Hey Taz, that water looks so lovely and cool....sounds like a great holiday...op shopping, cards the beach what more could you possibly want?
    More op shops perhaps, hehe!!
    Great finds, love the cross stitch pics and well done for learning the skill of using a hooky stick and yarn to make wonderful stopping you now.

    Claire :}

  9. Thanks for commenting everyone! Glad I could share a bit of my holiday with you!