Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shoulder pads can be cool again..or in this case, hot!

I was altering a dress today that I bought from an opshop to wear backwards. Yes backwards. Will share this in another post another time, but part of this altering involved taking the bulky shoulder pads out. They went straight into the bin. Then, as I was getting ready to sew the dress, I decided to do something with the pads rather than have them in the rubbish. As they are quite padded, I thought what better way than to turn them into a pot rest. An apple shaped pot rest just to be cute! I often run around the kitchen with hot pots and pans stressing because I don't know where to put it, but now, I do!

It was pretty easy to make. Hope the pictures show this and you too can do some recycling/upcycling!

Appologies for the bad stitching. I don't take my sewing seriously enough, so there is always something that looks like I did it with my eyes closed! Anyway, I'm quite proud that something that was taking up bin space, and later on earth space, is now a handy kitchen tool!
Taz xx


  1. That is pretty cool! Id never have thought to use them in such a manner! Way cute!

  2. Love you Taz....just sooooo creative. Who would have thought that's where shoulder pads could end up!!! xo

  3. I think if you can alter a dress to wear the other way around, you will have absolutely no issues making one from scratch :)

  4. fab idea Taz, well done on the recycling, I'm sure they'll get plenty of use.
    Just thinking of all those shoulder pads I could've recycled form my 80's wardrobe!!
    Have a great weekend.....

    Claire :}

  5. Thanks ladies! Its already saved a few bench tops and my lap from being burnt so hoorah for no bulky shoulders and for saved bench tops!