Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I made this top!

And Im wearing it! It's not perfect. I could do with a bit more practicing and I need to learn how to make a button hole on my machine as it took me a while to hand sew these button holes, but I'm happy with the outcome! It's breast feeding friendly, fits me well and can be worn under a high waisted skirt as shown, or over a pair of pants or shorts. I'm hoping to start making more of my own clothes, and I'm feeling ok to show you all how I'm going.
Sorry for these photos coming up, Its hard to photograph your self!

There we go! Keep posted on my blog as I made a dress and I'd like to show you!
Taz xx


  1. It looks so cute! Well done you! :)

  2. It looks lovely. Perfect for the hot weather you must be having. You are nuts, hand sewing button holes! Doesn't your machine have an instruction manual? Do I need to figure out a tutorial for you?

    Enjoy the Schuster movies, but also don't forget about the Gods Must Be Crazy movies for an extra laugh :)

  3. love it! cant wait to see the dress you've been working on :)