Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to Front

As mentioned in my hot shoulder pads pot rest post, I had found a dress that I wanted to wear backwards. Reason being, I  am still breastfeeing my 5 month old, and hope to do so a while, so need clothes I can open easily without having to lift things to high and reveal more than I am already. So I did some cutting, stitching, de shoulder padding and made it shorter as it was an ankle long dress :/

Luckily for me, the real front of this dress wasn't made to look like the front exactly. There is probably proper terms for this, but what I mean is, the front and back are exactly the same besides the buttons so it was an easy switch around for me. All I needed to do was make a collar and shorten and thats it. Have a look..

The real front of the dress
The new front (old back) of the dress
The collar I made by folding the top over so this was now lower than the back and not choking me
Please ignore all rubbish in background
Well, i'm quite happy that I can wear this now. Maybe this post will get you thinking about some clothes you have that you thought you couldn't wear. Well now you can!
Have a good weekend!


  1. How very clever! Not at all what i was expecting when you first mentioned it!

  2. oh taz.u have outdone urself here with ur awesomeness.this dress makes me thunk of one of my fav movies grease.u shld wear this and then sing 'beauty school drop out.'

    that wld be quite wonderful

  3. Cute!!! You're such a clever cookie Terrace.